McLaren P1 – All Hail the King

Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche have all busy very busy developing their halo products for a bunch of extremely wealthy and very lucky individuals. Hypercar fans have been treated this year as we've seen the amazing 918, the incredible looking LaFerrari as well as the focus of this post the P1. McLaren has not been quiet... Continue Reading →


Above and Beyond in the new Range Rover Sport

Land Rover is a force to be reckoned with at the moment, especially the Range Rover side of the brand. It's not hard to see why they have become one of the most desirable car brands on the roads. The stunning Evoque, the unparalleled new Range Rover and now the brand new RR Sport. I... Continue Reading →

One for the High Rollers

It was while I was at gym today that I thought about what I was going to post on this evening, then I saw it. Now I'm fortunate enough to see these very special cars on an almost daily basis, I look out the window of my gym and see the large imposing cars parked... Continue Reading →

Coolest car brand in the world

If you think about this its a pretty obvious choice, Aston Martin is the coolest car brand in the world. Now this isn't just a personal choice but something the world seems to agree on. The British marque was voted the coolest automotive brand in the world for 2013/14 in the Cool Brand survey conducted... Continue Reading →

Welcome the Cayenne Juniour

Porsche has been on a bit of a roll of late, with every car coming out Stuttgart being rather brilliant. This is evident from TopGear magazine awarding Porsche car maker of the year for 2013. The German manufacturer has been quite busy these past two years with nearly an entire revamp of the range. We... Continue Reading →

Audi’s best kept secret

Can you guess the Audi? Not many people can, many confuse this with the baby A4 or the middle of the range A6. Unless you are a car enthusiast the chances of you knowing this Audi is quite slim. Not many have seen this model and when they do it slips under the radar and... Continue Reading →

BMW’s new game changers

BMW fans can rejoice as the wraps came off the brand new M3 and M4 coupe earlier this week. It wont be long until the car makes its public debut at the North American International Auto Show early next year, and from the specifications it is set to cause a huge stir in the performance... Continue Reading →

I have been thinking all day about this one, paging endlessly through various automotive magazines, surfing the web trying to find a car that answered this question. However it was only after a couple of minutes of looking that I unknowingly found the car. I continued my search because I thought there has to be... Continue Reading →

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