Motoring News: Mercedes unveils new engines for new C-class

I have written extensively about the new Mercedes Benz C-class but earlier this week Mercedes announced new engine options for its amazing new executive compact saloon. For tonight’s post I thought I’d keep it short and sweet and give you some more information about the new engines that will be available. Petrol engines initially included... Continue Reading →


Battle of the Titans: 2015 Cadillac Escalade vs. 2015 Lincoln Navigator

Two of Americas favourite full-size SUV’s have been refreshed for this year to bring them up to date with the competition. The new SUV’s from Cadillac and Lincoln feature bold styling and luxurious interiors that they are proud of. It’s this bold styling that has seen these cars gather an almost cult following whether it... Continue Reading →

Brand of the week: Alfa Romeo

Since there hasn’t been much happening in the motoring world over the past couple of days I decided to start something new, every week I’m going to pick a brand and we’ll take a closer look at the current range and what the future holds for that brand. For the first weekly profile I decided... Continue Reading →

2015 Mercedes Benz AMG GT

It was a sad day when Mercedes announced it would cease production of the incredible SLS AMG; however there are images popping up on the web of a new sportscar set to take on the fierce Porsche 911 and Nissan GTR. Mercedes hasn’t been quiet about its intentions to make a car to tackle the... Continue Reading →

2014 Mercedes Benz S600

I will never forget the first time I saw the Mercedes Benz S600L. It was 2002 and I was driving with my mom when I saw this large Maroon Mercedes ‘glide’ past. Now being only 10 years old I didn’t know much about cars but that was the moment I fell in love with the... Continue Reading →

Best Diesel Cars available:

If money was no option and you are looking for a refined, fast and frugal car look no further than these the best of the best diesel cars available today. Diesel cars have gone from being crude, noisy underpowered cars to super refined, fast and amazingly economical engines in a relatively short time span. It... Continue Reading →

Kia’s Biggest Surprise

So for these last two days I went away to an exclusive golf club and got to drive a car I didn’t think would leave such a lasting impact on me as it did. I’ll give you a clue it definitely had the power to surprise and I was immensely surprised by it. Now I... Continue Reading →

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